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    The little woody grow box blends in great with any environment, providing stealth and a beginner friendly grow environment to make it easy for anyone to grow.

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    The Pc Grow Box Hydro/Soil allows you to grow your favorite plants anywhere without people knowing its there! The optional LST shelf maximizes yields by over 200% by growing your plants horizontally. Grow up to 85grams of dried and processed plant material in as little as 2 months using our proven grow strategies.

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    Our 300 watt LED 'Sea of Green' grow box utilizes a high powered LED grow light for all phases of plant growth. Grow up to eight high yielding plants in as short as 8 weeks using either soil or hydroponics. No longer worry about the grow environment becoming too hot or catching fire.

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    Introducing our very own stealth grow tent, the only 100% stealth grow tent on the market!! We here at pcgrowbox.com like to think outside the box when it comes to horticultural designs. We have made our stealth grow tent to be beginner friendly, so everything you will need to grow your plants are included with the product.

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    Our Pc grow box XL is FULLY assembled and ready to run, all you have to do is plug it in. The design is extremely professional, tried and tested successfully by true growers. We mean it when this box will pay for itself plus a lot more in just the first harvest!

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Micro Growing

Never go without growing

Our products are guaranteed to pay for themselves and much more within the first harvest. Why go without growing when you can use our stealth grow boxes and not have to worry about being detected? From odor issues to controlling the plant size, we have solved all the common problems when it comes to micro growing. Our customer service will guide you through the entire process over the phone or through email, dont let being a newbie scare you away from growing your own!