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Yield pounds of plant matter not ounces with this exceptional stealth grow system complete with dual veg/flower chambers and revolutionary lighting technology designed by the NASA space food program. Now you can grow eight or more high yielding plants to their genetic limits using our XXL style grow box system.

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$1,399.00 per 1

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All major credit cards accepted including BITCOIN

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Strategy Grow System; Dual Chamber LED Hydroponic Grow Box

69" H x 25" L x 19" W

Everything You Need to Start Growing From Seed To Harvest; Top Reasons To Buy a Strategy Grow Box!

*Dual chamber allows you to harvest 200% faster than normal systems by reducing harvest times

*State of the art ventilation system keeps fresh air moving constantly through your garden

*Guaranteed odor free with activated carbon filter

*Indestructible grow box does not dent, scratch, hold in heat, or conduct electricity like metal grow systems

*Deep water culture hydroponic system allows you to grow your plants 2-5x faster

*100% Mylar insulated interior bounces light off the insulation and back onto your plants! *BEWARE OF SYSTEMS THAT DO NOT HAVE MYLAR INSULATION!*

*Covered under a manufacturers warranty we take care of you long after the sale

*One on one advice and troubleshooting for life of product. Let our experts walk you through the process for guaranteed results!!

Should I buy the Co2 option?

Co2 will greatly enhance your yields and quality of your crop. Once you try co2 you wont want to grow without it. Co2 is like puting your plants on steroids. Overall the co2 tank and regulator is the best way to go! Beware of bucket co2 systems; the co2 output is inconsistant and is overall a cheapway for advertisers to make money off naive buyers. With the tank and regulator, you can control to a 'T' the amount of Co2 to be released and you know when you run out. Refills are cheap, around 5 bucks for a 5gallon co2 tank.   It is also important to note that co2 will only need to be released when the lights are on, and the plants have reached 2-3 weeks old.

It is important to note that in order for Co2 to be effective at all, the ventilation fans need to be OFF, otherwise the Co2 would just get sucked right out of the box. For grow boxes, Co2 can only be used with LED grow lights because LED grow lights do not get nearly as hot as CFLs and high intensity discharge such as HPS. Co2 out of a tank does cool the box down slightly, and in the strategy grow box it will keep temps about 10 degrees above room temp. *Beware of sellers who sell Co2 systems with CFLs and HID, they are taking advantage of less experienced growers**


The Strategy Grow System is the most advanced horticultural grow system currently available, utilizing a high discharge 300 watt LED grow light and a T5 6500k vegetative grow light in separate vegetative/flowering chambers. You can now start and veg your plants in the vegetative chamber and move them to the flowering chamber when you are ready to begin flowering. The Strategy Grow System eliminates the wait time in between the vegetative stage and flowering stages of plant growth, allowing you to start seeds in the upper chamber while the plants in the lower chamber are finishing the flowering process.

Plug It In, Plant The Seed, and GROW!!

The Strategy Grow System produces very little heat due to the utilization of the latest LED grow light technology. The small amounts of heat produced by the T5 and LED light is quickly exited through the ventilation system which is composed of three brush-less fans which produce virtually no noise and disperse the air within the grow system in less than half a second, providing optimal atmospheric c02 levels and dispersing oxygenated waste materials which can harm your plants.

With the Strategy Grow System you no longer have to worry about your home catching on fire due to ridiculously hot lights or loud ventilation fans which sound like a hair dryer. Our system uses only the latest in horticultural technology!

As Easy As 1-2-3...

  300 watt High Intensity Grow Light- The 300w EFSF LED grow light is leading the way in the latest LED grow light technology. Recent testing shows that EFSF LEDs are surpassing 600w and 1000w HPS grow lights at overall plant growth and production due to their ability to give off only usable light spectrums for photosynthesis. LEDs also give off barely any heat, which allows your plants to get closer to the light where it is more powerful. LED grow boxes can also be easily rigged to use CO2 since the ventilation fans can be turned off without it becoming too hot for the plants. If you are looking for a step above the rest the strategy grow system is for you. Your end product will be extremely dense and yields will be far better than a 600w HPS. We only use grow lights designed and engineered in the USA, and we do not use cheap Chinese knockoffs. Our grow lights come with a three year warranty so you can rest assured we will take care of you long after the sale.

HYDROPONIC LED 101 – Please Read

* Why buy from the USA? Buyer beware, buy from China and wait up to 5 weeks for shipping, and if and when the light is defective, you must pay to ship back to China to claim warranty (if any).

* Never buy from any company you can not talk to. 1-800-607-2516 We are not just an Internet company selling products we do not know anything about. We are a brick and mortar Hydro distributor, call us and find out.

* I see ads for 5band, 6band and more bands, why would I want a 2-3 band LED? More bands does not mean a better light, these spectrums are the most efficient and proven wavelengths for flowering. We sell a 6-band also, but for flowering, this is the best light we have tried.

* I live in Europe, will this light work here? Worldwide voltage, no import tax, UK plugs available, we have locations in the UK and Australia!

* Why are you the best company to order this from? With over 6000 satisfied customers and 100% feedback, we pride ourselves on customer service and providing the best Hydroponic equipment in the business. Just google us on the forums!

* How Many Plants will this light cover? We do not exaggerate any claims. Coverage is limited by the physical size of the unit. Our suggested coverage for this light is about 4 sq. ft. Any 90w or 180w LED light claiming to cover more area means the seller does not know what they are talking about.

* How does this light compare with HID lighting performance? We sell HID lighting too, so there is no use in us claiming anything that is not 100% sure. LED lights are more money up front, but you save on Electric consumption, cooling costs (which are huge) and bulb replacement. The typical error made is that people do not use enough LEDs. With enough lighting, these 2w LEDs will produce a great yield. Typically 10% less than a comparable HID system but with faster tomato flowering and lowered operational costs. If you are not with your grow, I personally do not like the idea of an HID light burning unattended.

* Does this light put off much heat? Not at all, you can actually let the plant touch the light, although it's not suggested.

* What makes this LED different than others here? Simply put they use better LEDs and are a reliable company. It's just like using a Chinese HPS bulb vs spending the money on a Hortilux bulb. You get what you pay for, this is the only LED we sell in our storefront because it is the only one that has proven its success.

Not all light is created equally. And neither are LED lights! At least not as far as plants are concerned. After discussing this matter with a few PHD professors at Cornell University, we were directed to a few studies. Below is an accurate chart of light spectrum usage by plants.

Details can be found at

What does this mean for the indoor grower? This is the wavelength spectrum of white light that plants use. So how does this affect our analysis of HID lights? Below are the light output spectrums of the most popular HPS and MH lights in the market.

The graphs speak for themselves. Neither HPS nor MH provide much lumen output under 580nm. This means that the largest portion of lights used by plants 420nm-455nm is not supplied by either light solution. The peak lumen output is 580nm, 595nm & 615nm. As you can see, that translates into a loss of about 83% efficiency when overlaid with the light used by growing plants. Thus, a 40,000 400W HPS bulb translates into 6800 actual usable lumens. These charts are available from the manufacturers and widely distributed, touting that they are closest to the natural light output of the sun. Thing is, plant's don't use all of the sun.

There are mitigating factors. Our friends at Cornell have informed us that a healthy plant gets the most vegetative boost from blue and ultra-violet wavelengths. We have long known this in the industry because traditional success dictated that vegetative growth is done under MH lights (more blue) and flowering is done under HPS (Red) lights. The later in leaf diameter is outlined in the study attached below:

The final analysis is that the most successful growth is found at 420nm, 450nm, 630nm and 660nm wavelengths. There are ideally 4 peaks of growth spectrum. Red is slightly more important for flowering but blue produces faster growth and absorption. It is also important for plants to get more 600nm-630nm wavelengths because it is reported that those wavelengths determine leaf diameter. Larger leaves will make a larger plant. And who doesn't love a big tomato plant! Larger leaves lead to larger surface area for further absorption, etc, etc.

Since LED's produce a fairly uniform output +/- 10nm we concluded that given the correct wavelengths, LED's could possible do the job if they lumen output was great enough and they had the correct spectrum.

In our 2009 LED Growlight Showdown, our winner (Skunk Systems) employed a unique LED. After our analysis, we concluded that the reason for the win was the use of a mixture of 630nm UV/Blue LED's rather than the traditional blue 660nm LED's used in all other LED systems tested. This is confirmed from the spectrum usage graphs above.

So in usable lumens we have the 5010 lumen 90w LED from Skunk Grow vs the 400w 6800 lumens of a Sun Agro bulb.

LED= 43 usable lumens / watt HID = 17 usable lumens / watt

Yes, the LED is superior but based on lumens/watt alone a 90w total output is not equivalent to a 400w HID light.

On Lumen output alone, a 90w LED does not match the 400 HID light system. In usable lumens alone the conversion is more like 90w LED = 320w HID (HPS/MH)

The strategy grow box comes standard with everything you will need to grow:

300w LED Grow Light

T-5 Vegetative Grow Light

Light Timer


Ventilation System

Light Hang Kits

Mylar insulated grow box

Veg and bloom nutrients

Fox farm ocean forest organic soil

Eight 4" square containers

Eight seed starter cubes

Extension cord

**We allow you to select between growing with hydroponics or growing with soil. Soil is much easier to work with and is overall the recommended method for new growers. If you have experience, the hydroponics system will work for you and give excellent results.

Complete Hydroponics System- Allows you to grow your plants via hydroponics DWC (deep water culture) and includes everything you need to start growing eight plants. There are several advantages of growing using hydroponics including faster growth, higher yields, and more control over nutrient concentration. We DO NOT recommend this option for new growers as hydroponics can be far less forgiving than soil but is extremely easy once you understand whats going on.

*Grow pots (5)

*PH Tester kit

*PH up/down

*Humboldt Veg and Bloom Nutrients

*Hydroton Rock

*Rockwool Cubes (5)

*Air Pump

*Bubble Stones (2)

*PPM Meter

Soil Package- The Strategy Grow Box comes with quality soil which is the most important factor for a successful grow. Fox Farm soil is premixed with all necessary elements including perlite which allows oxygen to reach the root system for healthier plants. We also include square containers which stack next to each other and utilize all available space for root development. Round containers waste valuable space because they do not stack together. The more room your plants have to develop a root system, the more they will yield. The soil package includes the following items:

*Four Bags of Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil

*Eight 4inch square containers

*Eight seed starter cubes

*Humboldt Grow and Bloom nutrients


Light Traps- The strategy grow box comes with three fan placements; one in the veg chamber and two in the flowering chamber. Without light traps, the light will shine through the fan holes.


Carbon Filter- Our 4" carbon filter works by using a very strong inline fan to push the air from the area near the grow box into the carbon filter where it is dispersed into the room odor free. The carbon filter can be used for up to 20 months straight before it needs to be replaced. If you are serious about eliminating odor this is the item you want. On the downside, since a powerful fan is used to push the air through the carbon filter, the fan is not exactly silent like the standard ventilation fans we use, and sounds almost like a hair dryer. These fans make the least amount of noise on the market however, and the carbon filters are made with 100% pure virgin carbon. The filter and fan is placed on the floor beside the grow box and will clear a large room of any strong odors within a few minutes. Very powerful odor elimination tool, but does make noise.


-The Strategy Grow System comes with a 100% insulated mylar interior, the most reflective material known to man. Mylar reflects 100% of the light shining on the interior of the grow box back on to your plants as light energy for the production food through the process of photosynthesis. Mylar, originally engineered and developed by NASA, also acts as an excellent source of insulation which prevents any unwanted odor from escaping the system through cracks. All odor and air within the Strategy Grow System is flushed out through the exhaust fan where it can be easily eliminated by means of the included air filter and odor absorbing gel.

The Strategy Grow System comes finely detailed with over 99% of the light being prevented from escaping through light cracks. The detail work includes insulation overlapping, mylar panels, and an assortment of other various methods of blocking the light from escaping.

New to LED (light emitting diode) technology? Please read about why NASA is using them over conventional grow lights -

"What we've found basically is that we are able to limit the amount of color we give to the plants and still have them grow as well as with white light," Goins said. "Being plant physiologists, we know the chlorophyll molecule well enough that we know which wavelengths most efficiently stimulate plant growth, and it turns out to be blue and red. So I don't have to devote energy to green light, and my plant will grow just as well."

We Want To Hear From You!! Call Us At 1-800-607-2516


Q. What about smell? A. The best method for eliminating odor is a carbon filter with high powered inline fan. The air from within the grow box is sucked out into a carbon filter where it is dispersed into the room odorless. Carbon filter sits on floor. We also supply odor gel and AC filters at no extra cost

Q. How big is this grow system? A. Measures approximately 25" L x 19" W x 69" H

Q. How long will it take from the time I order until it's shipped? A. Approximately 8-10 BUSINESS days. This does not include weekends or holidays.

Q.How is the grow box shipped, and will I get a tracking number? A. We ship via freight truck which takes about 5-6 business days depending on your location. Tracking numbers are provided through our toll free number and email upon request.

Q. How fast will my plants grow? A. We provide the exact spectrum of light for each growth stage which makes your plants grow extremely fast. Harvest times average every 8 weeks with each plant yielding on average 26g.

Q. Should I grow with the hydro system or soil? A. It depends on the users experience level. Soil is much more forgiving than hydroponics, especially in small reservoirs so we typically recommend trying soil first.

Q. What will I have to do once it arrives? A. All you have to do is take it out of the box, hang the lights, and plug it in. Everything is 100% ready to go.

Q. Do LEDs really work? A. Higher powered LEDs such as our 300watt grow light has been proven to out perform a 400w HPS in recent tests.

Q. Do LEDs get hot? A. Our LED light does not get hot. In fact you can have the front of the grow light touching the plants without harming them.

Q.How many plants can I grow at one time? A You can grow more plants using smaller containers, or you can grow 8 high yielding plants with our hydro and soil setups. We have found 8 plants to be nearly ideal.

Q. Can I return the strategy grow box? A. Once you receive the grow box you have exactly 3 days from the day the grow box is delivered to return the item. This gives you plenty of time to set up the grow system, get plants going and decide if the grow box will work for you. Once 3 days has elapsed, we will NOT accept any returns.

Q. Is this grow box 100% light proof? A. Although it takes us an entire day to build this grow box and we prevent 99% of the light from escaping, there are very minor light cracks and we do not and will not claim that this or any of our products are 100% light proof.

Q. What happens if my light breaks or fans stop working? A. In the rare case that the light stops working or the fans go out, we will send you replacement fans for free. The light is covered under a one year warranty and can be shipped back for repair.

Q. Can I use the grow box and return it several months later for a full refund? A. NO, we will only take returns within 10 days of delivery. No exceptions. You are responsible for maintaining the grow system and using common sense.



good system

worth every penny paid for itself and more first harvest

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Strategy Grow System

Strategy Grow System

Yield pounds of plant matter not ounces with this exceptional stealth grow system complete with dual veg/flower chambers and revolutionary lighting technology designed by the NASA space food program. Now you can grow eight or more high yielding plants to their genetic limits using our XXL style grow box system.