Sea of Green Grow Box

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Our 300 watt LED 'Sea of Green' grow box utilizes a high powered LED grow light for all phases of plant growth. Grow up to eight high yielding plants in as short as 8 weeks using either soil or hydroponics. No longer worry about the grow environment becoming too hot or catching fire.

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$999.00 per 1

  • None +$0
  • Add Co2 and Regulator +$130
  • None +$0
  • Add Hydro System +$99
  • None +$0
  • Carbon Filter + Fan +$80

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All major credit cards accepted including BITCOIN
All major credit cards accepted including BITCOIN

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Sea of Green Grow Box

36" H x 18" D x 26" W

Includes EVERYTHING you need to grow any plant! Just plug it in! Guaranteed Stealth and odor elimination!

  • Nutrients- Nutrients or fertilizer will significantly increase yields if used properly by giving your plants high levels of elements it requires for each stage of growth. Two bottles of nutrients are included; one bottle one for the for the veg stage and  flowering stage.

  • Soil- Quality soil is the most important factor for a successful grow. We will supply you with quality premixed Fox Farm Ocean Forest organic soil. Fox Farm soil is premixed with all necessary elements including perlite which allows oxygen to reach the root system for healthier plants.   

  • Square Containers- Square containers stack next to each other and utilize all available space for root development. Round containers waste valuable space because they do not stack together. The more room your plants have to develop a root system, the more they will yield.

  •  Light Timer- A light timer will turn the lights on and off at user specified intervals. Since plants require a period of darkness to begin producing flowers, a timer is necessary to regulate this.

  • LED Grow Light- One of the most reliable and effective LED grow lights on the market, the 300w apollo will grow your plants just as easily as a standard 600w HPS, without the heat problems and laud ventilation.


*Fox farm ocean forest soil

*Built in carbon filter

*3 built in ventilation fans

*300w LED grow light

*6 square soil containers

*6 rockwool seed starter cubes

*Rope ratchet light hang kit

*Humboldt grow and bloom nutrients

*Lock and key

*Mylar insulated interior

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Hydro System- The hydro  system can significantly improve overall yields and includes everything you need to grow hydroponically.

  • Hydroponics Tub
  • 8 Net Pots
  • 8 Rockwool Cubes
  • pH Testing Kit
  • PPM/TDS tester
  • Hydroton Rock
  • Air Pump
  • Bubble Stone
  • Humboldt Nutrients

 Commercial grade carbon filter/inline fan- We offer this option for people who are extremely concerned about plant odor. This item is typically used for large scale gardening operations to eliminate odor. This item will set outside the grow box and only needs to be run intermittently during flowering to eliminate odor.

  • 4" Carbon Filter
  • 4" Inline Fan                               

          Co2 Tank+Regulator- Co2 can significantly increase growth rates and yields. This option will include a 5gallon co2 take, regulator and line. You will need to have the tank filled locally. Recommended for experienced growers.

  • 5g Co2 tank
  • Co2 regulator
  • Co2 Line


Q.How many plants can I grow at once with this system? A. Using the square soil containers you can grow 6 plants at once. You can grow up to 8 plants using the hydro system.

Q.Can I grow my plants from seed to flower using this grow box? A.This grow box allows you to grow your plants from seed to flower.

Q.Can I run this grow box in a closed area? A. It is important to allow fresh air to flow through your grow box so we do not recommend you put this grow box in a closed in area because the hot air will be recirculated.

Q.How much plant matter can I expect to use with this grow box? A.You can expect to yield around 28g of plant matter per plant on average. More experienced users can expect to yield significantly more.

Q.Will my power bill increase? A. The whole system uses 300w, so it will raise your bill slightly depending on you kw/h.

Q.What will the package look like when it is shipped to me? A.The package will arrive in a plain brown box with no mention of our website or item.

Q.Will your website be displayed on the box? A.There is no mention of product description or our website anywhere on the box.

Q.Can I try the box out and ship it back if I change my mind? A. No

Q.How are these made? A. All of our products are made by hand using detail oriented perfectionism.

Q.Will i need a step down converter? If you live in a country where your wall outlet uses 220v, you will need to aquire a step down converter for 110v.

Q.Can you ship my box to an address different than my billing address? No. We will only ship to your billing address due to fraud. We will cancel your order if they dont match.

Q.Is a signature required? Yes, you must sign for the box due to fraud concerns.

Q.Do you ship outside the USA? Yes, but we will have to calculate the shipping price manually for you. Expect to pay around $300 to have this product shipped to Europe.

Q.Do you ship to Syria? Yes

Q.Do you ship to Canada. Yes, we ship anywhere.

Q.Do you take bitcoin? Yes, email us and a discount will be given if you choose to use this method.

Q.What strain do you recommend? Any strain will work, but dwarf strains will work better.

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I was told the box would be the darker gray but received the lighter gray color. Needed it to match my desk but now it sticks out because of the color.



Got everything setup today and overall very satisfied. Customer support has been great.


blends in perfectly

I put this box in my closet and it blends in perfectly and the led light works perfect.

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Sea of Green Grow Box

Sea of Green Grow Box

Our 300 watt LED 'Sea of Green' grow box utilizes a high powered LED grow light for all phases of plant growth. Grow up to eight high yielding plants in as short as 8 weeks using either soil or hydroponics. No longer worry about the grow environment becoming too hot or catching fire.